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Cookie Classes

Marna is excited to be able to offer cookie classes for private parties or corporate events!  A few highlights of booking a class with Marna include:

  • All classes use Marna's hand made sugar cookies and royal icing

  • Marna offers a wide range of designs, colors, and themes for classes

  • Everyone leaves with their decorated cookies in a box to show off to their co-workers, family, and friends!

Private Cookie Classes

Private class sizes range from 8 to 20 people

Corporate Events

Classes for corporate events can be tailored to your individual needs.  Options include:

  • Small Group Event - This most closely mimics a private cookie classes with only 10 - 25 people decorating at a time with Marna providing step-by-step instructions.  Marna offers multiple sessions in succession to handle larger groups

    • Offered for groups of 25-50 people​

    • The length of the class can be customized from 30 minutes to 2 hours as needed.

    • Pricing begins at $XX/person

  • Large Group Event - Individuals can come and go from the decorating class as their schedule or space permits.  As someone arrives Marna will provide all the materials needed along with some initial instructions.   Additionally, step-by-step photo instructions or videos are provided.  This format tends to allow for more creativity and team building as individuals and groups work at their own pace. 

    • Offered for groups of 50 - 500 people​

    • Average person spends 20-30 minutes decorating

    • Pricing begins at $XX/person

  • Self-Led Event - Marna will provide individually packaged cookie decorating kits along with step-by-step photo instructions and/or videos.  Marna will deliver the kits prior to the event but will not stay to provide any instruction.  This is the most economical option for those with a limited budget!

    • Offered for groups of 50 - 500 people

    • Pricing begins at $XX/person

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